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Life Cycle

There has been much talk of gas mileage, cruising range, bike durability (i. e., it's bullet-proof, can run all day at high speeds, etc…), and rider durability (i.e., butt-ache, etc…) don’t you all see???  The all knowing, all caring, guardian angels at Yamaha, who, as we all know, work solely for the purpose of making our riding experience “one with nature” created not only a motorcycle, but also a life cycle.  All things were created in balance.  A change to any one of the key elements was predicted, so a grand design was introduced to ensure a continued balance regardless of changes that might be introduced by the short-sighted, the unknowing, and the tinkerers amongst us. [Read more...]

The Evil Attack Squirrel of Death!

KSI never dreamed slowly cruising through a residential neighborhood could be so incredibly dangerous! Studies have shown that motorcycling requires more decisions per second, and more sheer data processing than nearly any other common activity or sport. The reactions and accurate decision making abilities needed have been likened to the reactions of fighter pilots! The consequences of bad decisions or poor situational awareness are pretty much the [Read more...]